Big Feelings in Small Bodies Course


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Big Feelings in Small Bodies Course

About Course

Welcome to the 'Big Feelings in Small Bodies' course - Your path to understanding kids better!

By the end of this course, you'll get a deep grasp of child development and how to connect with kids emotionally. We'll show you a different way, moving away from old methods of behavior control. With this course, you get all 4 episodes and more resources! 


What's the goal of this course?

Our courses are here to help you: 

- Learn why early bonding is so important. 

- See how our brains take in self-talk from our early connections. 

- Understand how showing care and talking builds strong bonds. 

- Know how kids' brains grow and connect with their actions. 

- Learn about kids' emotions and abilities. 

- Link brain development with how kids act. 

- Explore the key person approach and its changes over time. 

- Think about your own ideas on the key person approach. 


What will you learn? 

We've split this collection into 4 episodes: 

1. Building Bonds: How the first relationships shape us. 

2. Growing Minds: How love shapes who we are. 

3. Understanding Kids: How brains help explain behavior. 

4. Connecting Well: Best ways to build strong relationships. 


What's inside each episode? 

Each episode has: 

- Videos with our Trainer. 

- Questions and quizzes to think about yourself. 

- Short videos and animations. 

- Tasks and quizzes to check what you've learned. 

- More readings and resources if you want to explore more. 


How long is the course? 

Plan for about 4 hours of learning. You can go through the 4 episodes at your own pace. Each part is divided into smaller bits so you can start and stop as you like. 


Who's this course for? 

Parents and anyone working with kids can join – like childminders, teachers, teaching assistants, and more. We're here to help you understand and support kids better.


Take a look at the course content below.

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Course content

videoLearn more about our collection
videoIntroduction to the collection
videoPart 1. Attachment and early brain development: Understanding the power of the first relationship Start
videoFollow up task - Responsive parenting Start
videoPart 2. Attachment and early brain development: Understanding the power of the first relationship Start
videoFollow up task - Attunement scenarios Start
videoFollow up task - Reflective questions on attunement scenarios Start
videoExplanation of attunement scenario task Start
videoPre-episode task - Video Start
videoEpisode 2. The developing brain: How loving relationships shape who we become Start
videoFollow up task: What is executive function? Start
videoFollow up task: Soothing a baby Start
videoFollow up task: Settling into nursery Start
videoExecutive function activities for 6 to 18 month olds Start
videoExecutive function activities for 18 to 36 month olds Start
videoExecutive function activities for 3 to 5 year olds Start
videoPre-episode task: Your reflections on toddlers' emotions Start
videoWhat are toddlers capable of? Start
videoEpisode 3. Tuning into toddlers: understanding behaviours through brain development Start
videoFollow up task - Mini quiz Start
videoDownload boys and girls brain development poster Start
videoEpisode 4. The key person approach: Evolution and best practices for positive relationships in early learning Start
videoFollow up task: Reflecting on the key person approach Start
videoEnd of course feedback Start
videoAnna Freud Podcast on bonding behaviours Start
videoKey person work discussion model Start
videoDr Daniel Siegal explains the hand model of the brain Start
videoReferences Start
videoEducating from the care perspective: exposing the tensions between maternalism and early education expectations in key person relationships Start
videoUntangling (some) philosophical knots concerning love and care in early childhood education Start
videoCaring in education Start
videoCharacterising the principles of Professional Love in early childhood care and education Start
videoPractitioners’ constructions of love in early childhood education and care Start
videoRelationship Theory in the Nursery: attachment and beyond Start
Honest Childhood

Honest Childhood

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